Project Management

We are Chartered Surveyors, Builders and Project Management professionals possessing the technical, commercial and managerial expertise required to deliver your project regardless of size. During the delivery phase of the project we will continue to manage the design team if commissioned by the client and manage the contractor to ensure the works are delivered on time and to budget.

We believe in collaborative working rather than confrontation and where problems arise our experience tells us that working together to solve issues offers a swifter and more amicable route than simply pointing the finger. We will attend site regularly and organise and chair meetings where necessary and produce and distribute records.

We will constantly strive to seek value from your project by testing the programme and specification to identify with the wider team where any improvements can be made without compromising quality. We will ensure that the client team is fully ready for handover including ensuring that the relevant training and familiarisation is in place together with the relevant documentation. We will organise handover ‘count-down’ meetings to ensure all of the activities needed to facilitate a smooth handover are adequately covered.

Contract Administration

Depending on the size of the project and choice of procurement and delivery route, we are often asked to perform the Contract Administration role either as part of the Project Management appointment or as a separate function. Principally, duties under this role involve administering the terms of whichever contract is employed issuing instructions and certificates as directed to confirm the employers intentions and certifying payments. This role also covers the evaluation of any claims for delay, disruption and loss/ expense incurred and any certifying of subsequent changes to key elements of the contract data that may be needed.

Clerk of Works

The clerk of works function is normally a separate appointment often requested by clients where the quality is of key importance. The Clerk of Works will be based on site for a pre-determined number of days a week/ month depending on the project size and scope and is responsible for ensuring the materials and workmanship employed on site are in accordance with the Employers Requirements. This role requires in depth technical expertise and experience and an in depth working knowledge of the Building regulations not often possessed by general Project Managers. At Attol Blue we are able to carry out this function.

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