Facilities Management

We are able to assist clients with identifying the extent of duties and obligations the project will place upon them in terms of managing the built assets created as part of the project. Some clients already have Facilities teams in place and this process can therefore be as simple as adding new duties/ obligations to existing arrangements. Where no such function exists, we can help clients to set out what is needed and develop documents that can be put to the market to procure these services.

Benchmarking – Auditing – Monitoring

Having worked extensively in the public sector we understand the importance of establishing and monitoring Key Performance Indicators. We have devised a series of tools to enable us to set out the requirements for contractors or professional teams and the ongoing review process to support this.

We can also offer project audits to clients or particularly funders to provide comfort that their particular project is set up correctly and is functioning to the required standards/ service levels. Areas of concern can be quickly identified and plans of action put in place before issues arise.

We can offer Project Monitoring to clients and funders which is similar to the auditing role but maintains more regular contact with the project. This appointment sits outside of the project team and reports directly to the client or funder providing regular impartial updates on project progress and any key issues.

Strategy Feasibility Delivery Operation