Business Case & Strategic Objectives

Embarking on a project regardless of its size will involve establishing from the outset its reasons for being and what it is hoped to achieve. One of the key reasons for projects failing is due to the lack of or poorly defined brief and objectives. We will help you develop your business case and develop your outline brief using a vernacular familiar to designers and funders. We will help develop initial budgets and utilise cost planning and programming tools

Estate Audit

Clients with an existing portfolio of sites or estate will generally need a comprehensive audit of their existing stock to establish key issues such as condition and functional suitability, value, tenure, location factors, capacity for change, space optimisation and duplication of use. The detail and complexity of these studies will vary depending on the scope of the project from a simple schedule to fully detailed photographic report with costs.

Gap Analysis

This stage contrasts the work undertaken in stages 1 and 2 and examines the shortfalls in a clients existing estate and its ability to meet current and future strategic needs. The gap analysis will focus on location, quantity of space, quality of the space and cost efficiency. The findings of this stage will inform the range of options that will seek to address the ‘gaps’ through varying degrees of estate change

Option Generation & Evaluation

This stage examines the range of potential solutions and options available summarising the pros and cons, opportunities and constraints of each. This could involve additional site searches, potential acquisition targets and initial commentary on town planning constraints.  Sometimes the solutions can be obvious but where they are not, we pride ourselves with being able to thoroughly immerse ourselves into our clients vision and offer innovative ideas and solutions.

Conclusion & Recommendations

As it says – this stage will bring together the work and analysis undertaken in the form of a comprehensive report including a route map for the following stages of the project.

Strategy Feasibility Delivery Operation