Design Team Selection/ Team Assembly

The choice of professional team is another key ingredient to delivering successful projects. We are privileged to have worked with many of the country’s most talented architectural and engineering practices ranging from the signature practice to the smaller partnerships or individuals. We will ensure that you appoint the right people to undertake your commission at the right time for the right price. We will develop and install communication and governance structures for the project ensuring efficient and effective management of people’s time.

Test & Develop Brief/ Objectives

The design team will start to develop the outline brief into a working concept design. This is an iterative process as ideas are tested and rejected/ refined. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) sets out a plan of work for architects that will be followed in the development of the design. During this stage design information will be taken to preliminary/ outline stage meaning that sketches and general arrangement drawings and some key elevations will be prepared sufficient for the submission of an outline planning application. We will manage the consultation process on your behalf in conjunction with the appointed town planning consultant and ensure the timely submission of any application.

Procurement/ tendering

At Attol Blue we have vast experience of creating and implementing a variety of procurement strategies tailored to suit a clients particular requirements. This ranges from writing scope and specification documents for smaller domestic clients and subsequent tendering to contractors and appointment by way of contract, through to multi million pound tenders using a variety of procurement routes. We have a thorough knowledge of the EU procurement legislation and have managed tender processes on behalf of public and private sector clients. Selecting the right procurement strategy is another key factor that will have a bearing on the success of a project. We will prepare, in conjunction with the design and wider project team, the tender documentation needed and actively manage the process concluding in tender analysis and evaluation with resulting report and recommendations.

Contract Preparation/ Negotiation

Having selected the appropriate procurement route is it essential that the over arching form of contract supports and reflects the clients aspirations and attitudes to risk. There is a temptation to over complicate some of the standard forms available by writing in substantial amendments. We will ensure the right form of contract is used from the outset and that any alterations required are limited and are genuinely in the interests of the project.

Strategy Feasibility Delivery Operation